Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Krystina Diahann - An ordinary girl doing extravagant things

So there is this girl by the name of Krystina Diahann that is from Hickory, NC (MY HOMETOWN!)...who I literally grew up with and plus we went to church together...for some reason when we would go to church my friends and I would view her as the weird one....but now that I grew and matured to understand the meaning of fashion and that it has no barriors or qualifications this child here is the prime example of being the fashion industry next trendsitter and not a one hit wonder as well!..... earlier this summer she was feature on Swagger :New York Edition which introduces practically to the world the trendsitter of NYC- New York City; who and which is the fashion captial of the world.....(this can be debateable...but on another time and blog)....the site uplifts raw idealogy of pure fashion from the heart and soul of young people in this big city...there is also a Swagger : Paris Edition ,but im not international yet. Swagger also uplifts music as well with raw talent from pop to R&B. I have high expectations for Krystina Diahann and can see her featured in Vogue - American and Europe-Asia issues and also real soon in Bryant Park for NYC Fashion Week...which I plan on being there front and center (well maybe midleft) when this comes to reality.

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