Monday, July 26, 2010

Coming To A Quiet Ending

As my time comes slowly to its destiny here at Summer School 2010 at Winston-Salem State University; I must admit that this is summer has taught me some true lessons about friendships, reality and least but not last of about myself a person and how I value myself with much respect and honor. These 10weeks have been confusing, hard and enjoyable experiences. I now know the full understanding of what Lauren Conrad told Heidi Montag when their friendship was in shambles "I want to forgive you but I also want to forget you" and boy has that saying been an uproar in my heart and mind. I quickly learned that people take so many things for granted like family, friends and even money and when it is gone and disappeared you have nothing to fall back on. As Fall 2010 approaches and I start my junior year in college I came to an conclusion I don't have time for the BS no more; but I also realized that the positive cannot be in your life without the negative following behind it or coming before it! I can say that this summer I have laughed so hard that I cried and been pissed off to the point of no return. Until then I am taking a 10 day vacation from all social networks -ie Twitter, Facebook and my blog. but no worries I will be back August 13th to start the school year off right and with a bang... STAY TUNED!! you can follow me on twitter @MzReRe_ElJefe20

PS- I coming to a sense where it is time for to actually start getting healthy..... my friends and I have came up with "Team KICK fat ass" and "A Day With Team No Discretion".... I'm TRYING to convince my friends to post a daily/annual Vlog (Video Blog) about our weight loss......♥

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