Monday, September 6, 2010

Mr. West Is In The Building

So colleagues know im a Kanye West fanatic!!!!! and they told that he has a took me a while to follow him because i was skeptic and hesitant of this....(dont ask why!)....but I followed

anyways. Kanye recently tweeted that from now on up to his release of his album he is going to start relasing new material every Friday title "G.O.O.D Music". When I seen this I was so stoked because Mr. West officially back in the building after his mothers tragic death and also the public break up with Amber Rose. So far Kanye has put out two tracks: Monster feat. JayZ, Rick Ross, Nicki Minaj and the talented Bon Ivers ; second track Devil In A New Dress which he just released this past Friday! he also announce that him and his boss/conrad Shawn "Jay-Z" Carter are going to release a 5track album sometime this fall!!!....Coming to an conclusion if this man doesnt do a tour in the U.S. I will have to make my way over London or Paris just for a concert. This is the comeback year for Kanye West and his music!!!....soo let me do my searching and I will post the Tracks on my blog....

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