Monday, September 13, 2010

Mercedes Benz NYC Fashion Week: FNO and Others.......

So it has been a very busy week for New York City and since I show you my taste in music my fashion icons and desires could go alone with it as well... =)

So its that time of the season where it is time for Bryant Park...Usually when you think of NYC Fashion Week you think of the main Couture designers such as Gucci , Chanel, Versace, Fendi, Dolce Gabana , etc.... but hey it is 2010 people!!!! there is more to high fashion then those four labels I listed!.... well this year it was different!....this year this comeback award goes to my favorite Tom Ford Spring 2011 and Elie Tahari Winter 2010..... taking a hit from the recession they are now reaching out to major retail stores such H&M, Bloomingdales, and Macy to reach out to its true clientele --[Pics below]--........

Elie Tahari

Conservative Glamour-

There is no question that the recession has left an inedible mark on fashion and it industry. It has forced women to change and switch up their style, closets and shopping habits and in turn forced designers to react. Thus the reemergence of luxury on the runways was approached from a smarter, leaner, savvier and vantage

FNO 2010 -- Fashion Night Out 2010--

[--Above--] UK Entertainer Estelle show here in High Waisted skirt worn to Z Spoke by Zac Posen

Chris Brown and Actress Denise Lawton pictured above at John Varatos 10th Anniversary Celebration.

[--Above--]LaLa Vasquez-Anthony shown above on the BMI awards Red Carpet wearing a leopard print squince Dolce and Gabana dress retailed at $5,500

PS [ I will not be posting anything on the Los Angeles MTV Video Awards.....because in my opinion the whole show was just horrible!!! from Taylor Swift singing off key toLady GaGa wearing the all meat outfit and last but not least to me personally one of Kanye West worst performances performaces EVER!! o_0]

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